• "This is web site of one of most renowned, multifaceted person, Dr.Buch.. who needs to be known again & again.
  • "The website is a small window of his great world that he created and left for every body else."
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YOU WRITE / Remembering Buch saab

M.N.Buch saab - is always remembered. Many have something to say about him. His impressive character, loving nature, his knowledge and other qualities have made lasting impact on several people.

Some of the nessages received are listed below: [you may also send your views to publich here on mail id: bhopal011@gmail.com ]

  • It was a useful and interesting experience for all of us. There was a small meeting in his Chamber. We were all sitting there engrossed. A lady [outsider] tapped his door, asking - "Where does Mr.xyz sit?". This person xyz was a junior clerk in our office. Look at the courteousness of Buch sir. He rose, came out of cabin, escorted that lady to this xyz's room. This was the simpicity and his respect for ladies esepcially, he had. What a greatman he was. - Ms.Sudeepta, Ex-Dy. Directpr, MP Govt.
  • Sanjeeb Bhatewar. NGO. Bhopal. - Once I saw Chirman NCHSE, Buch saab, on the main road in his car - forcing a Truck to ge backward all the way. WHY? It was a truck on an empty road - going wrong side. Buch saab ji came from one side and felt intercepted by this truck. To teach him a lesson. He asked him to reverse -and go upto the cross roads, and go by right side then. He never broke rules, and also did not like anybody breaking.


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