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Dr. M. N. Buch was a voracious writer. He wrote & wrote tirelessly all his life - more so post his retirement. He had special flair for writing on common & latest issues of almost all kinds, be it history related, related to govt. program, on society, polity, administration, religion, security, foregn affairs, or any other matter which concerned public or administration, or anybody.

His writing was most informed, logical and convincing, a good piece of guidance too.. All his writings are still fresh, relevant and very useful - not just as reference, but for learning and seeing anything from a new perspective.

This site takes you to link with some of his writings.



Reforming Parliament

Time for an Organised, Focused and Empowered CBI

From Fear of Law Grows Respect for Law

Intelligence vs. Investigation, Or CBI vs. IB?

Reforming the Indian Police

The Trial Procedure, Its Strengthening and Expeditious Justice

National Counter Terrorism Centre

Defence Procurement: Would You Do Business With India?

The Politicisation of Criminal Justice

The Police in India

The Governor, the Constitution and the Courts

The Police, Too, Have a Case: Need for Police Reforms



The Justice System

I, The People !!

The Law is Not An Ass – Only People Are

What is Leadership all about?

Appointment of Judges and Independence of Judiciary

Juvenile Justice Act: Does It Need Review?

How All India Are The All India Services?

When Reservation Becomes Reverse Discrimination

Need to Treat Naxalites with Iron Fists, not Kid Gloves

Systemic Failure or Organ Failure?

Promoting Administrative Acumen - Understanding ‘HIKMAT AMLI'



Why the Indian Economy is in a Mess?

Nehru, The Public Sector And The Modern Economy

Key to Building New Temples of Modern, Progressive India

Need to Define Smart City Before Jumping Headlong

A Perspective on Subsidies in Our Economy

Down With Subsidies, Up With Reforms

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth




The Right to Education

The Imbalance in Education in India

Whither Education?

Trusteeship and Trust How Good are The Indian Institutes of Management?

Of Examinations and Admissions: Need for a Revamp Managing Land - A Holistic View

Some Thoughts on Technical Education


The Preamble to the Indian Constitution

Who is Secular in India?

Building a Self Cleansing Environment

ASI's Gold Hunt: An Affront to Modern India

Corruption: Ten Ways to Deal with the Malaise

Use and Misuse of Public Funds: Some Questions Which Must be Asked

How About Some Commonsense in Dealing with Corruption?


We, the Living!

Development, The Wealth of The Nation and Equity

We Shall Not Retire

The Management of Land

Caste, Religion and Reservations

Religion, Caste, Regionalism and Politics In India

B.D.R, A.D.R. or Anno Domini

We Can Do Anything, We Are Bombay Film Stars

Do We Ever Think Before We Act, Or Is It Ad-hocism Zindabad?

Civil Military Relations - Need for a Right Traction

A Response Deficient both in Strategy and Tactics

Should Power Necessarily Corrupt?

Freedom of Speech and Archaic Law on Sedition

Who is Secular in India?

Why Do Farmers Commit Suicide?

Science, Belief and Reality

Ouch, The Cartoon Bit Me!

Wisdom By Hindsight

Have we become collectively insane?

Sixty-Four Years of Independence – Where Do We Stand?




Our Environmental Health

Meeting India's Energy Needs: A Challenge to the Scientific Community

Looking for a Sustainable Energy Policy

Health care for all

Health of the Indians – Who Cares a Damn!

Managing land—a holistic view

Some Basic Fundamentals for Preparation of the Bhopal Development Plan

Cycle of seasons

The Bhopal gas tragedy-twenty six years down the line



India, Sri Lanka – The Tamil Question

India, Afghanistan and Developments in Pakistan

Diplomatic Dilemma: India and UNHRC Resolution against Sri Lanka

India, china and tibet

Helping Nepal

Is The Indian Media Obsessed With Pakistan?

The Coast Guard Action On 31st December 2014



Reforming The Electoral System

How Should The Executive Government Function?

What Sort of President Should India Have?

Governance and The Prime Minister

Is Verrier Elwin Still Relevant? –A Study of the Bhils of Jhabua





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